Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Emma Kate Spends The Night At Grammy's

Haley often spends the night with me.  And, that was the plan for Saturday night.  We have popcorn and coke for supper.  We have a special bowl for the popcorn.  No other bowl will do.  Then we make something fun.  We have songs we sing while Haley showers and give each other foot rubs.  And, there is no telling what other fun we might have.

Nicole had felt bad all day.  It got progressively worse during the day.  Matt left to take to the emergency room around 3:00 in the afternoon.  Matt called and said they think it is colitis.  Then she called and said I have gall stones and I may have to have surgery.  I went up to start the 6:00 meds and Nicole called again to say they were doing surgery in 30 minutes.  I wanted to go to the hospital and I knew I could not get there before they took her back.  I continued to prepare the meds.  I told Haley that Mommy was having an operation.  She had a melt down.  I tried to make it sound fun that she would spend the night with Lydia and Leigh.  She was not buying that.  She cried.  I cried.  I called Nicole and got her to cry.  I decided not to go to the hospital and stay home with the girls.

After all the Casa kid had their meds, we popped our popcorn.  Emma was so excited.  Emma got a few pieces at a time and juice.  I did not think she needed any coke.  Haley and I had coke.Emma was loving eating popcorn.  I did not want Emma Kate to choke on the popcorn, so she just kept getting a few pieces at a time.  She was having so much fun.  She sat on the floor with her little bowl and her juice.  Her squeals and her giggles were delightful. 

Haley did not know what else we were going to do.  I began to gather what we needed and Haley helped me.  All of a sudden, we heard a big crash.  Emma had reached for the popcorn bowl.  She was even more excited as she could reach all that popcorn.  Haley and I cleaned up the popcorn mess. 

We were making vanilla pudding and adding a can of fruit cocktail with extra cherries.  Just the way Grammy likes it.  I showed Haley how to make the instant pudding.  She was so pleased with herself that she did it by herself.   Then we added the fruit.  Haley thought this was as good as making pink icing for the graham crackers.

I gave Emmy a little bowl and Haley a slightly larger bowl.  Emma was just as excited about pudding and fruit as she was popcorn.  Haley had a little bit more pudding because she liked it so much. 

It had rained and both of the girls were in wet clothes.  Grammy fail for not changing those sooner.  I did not know Emma does not like showers.  I know it now.  There was no way she was getting in that shower, even with Haley telling her showers at Grammy's house are fun.  I washed her up and got her ready for bed. 

You never, ever turn your head on Emma Kate.  I brought her into the bathroom with a soccer ball.  I shut the bathroom door and the office door so I had Emmy penned in while I showered Haley.  We sang our silly songs and Haley kept saying see how much fun it is shower at Grammy's.  Emma never touched the soccer ball.  She played in the soap.

Haley and I decided since Emma had on feetie pajamas she would get her foot rub without lotion.  Emmy just giggled some more.  Then Haley and I gave each other our foot rubs.  And, it was definitely bed time.  I was afraid Emmy would cry.  I laid her down and not a peep.  Haley and I sang our songs.  Haley made up a new and interesting song.  It went "in the beginning God made all the bakeries and then he sent the angels to push the bad devil away."  That girl.  Haley said a prayer.  And then, the phone rang.  It was Matt saying Nicole was out of surgery and was fine.  I told Haley and she breathed a big sigh of relief as she drifted off to sleep.  All three of us slept all night, without a sound.  Haley only talked in her sleep after my alarm went off at 5:30.

Getting these fed and all three of us dressed for church was another adventure.  After Emma was in a beautiful dress, Sisi took her up to Casa so I could shower and dress.  Haley will watch tv,  but not Emma.  We got to church just on time.

I love having Haley spend the night.  It was fun having Emmy here, too.  Since Emmy was a big girl and did not cry, she probably will be asked to spend the night again sometime soon.  I am so thankful for these precious times.

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