Friday, May 30, 2014

Pizza Outing

There is a group that works with David Logue.  They are from Ohio and they come every year for more years than I have lived here.  Mike and Katy lead this group.  Every year they treat the kids to pizza.  It is always a fun outing.

Fernando was especially excited about this outing, as today is his birthday.

One chose not to go, two were sick and four were in trouble.  We loaded the van with 16 kids and Emma and I pulled out of the gate at 4:00.  That was when we were scheduled to leave, so we were right on time.  We got to the Pizza Hut at the same time as the group.

After we were seated and Pepsis were ordered for all the kids, I told everyone not to let Baby Josue have to much of anything because his stomach is so delicate.  There was laughing and talking and everyone was having fun.  We really do feed the children three times a day, but you would have thought they had not eaten in a week the way they inhaled the garlic toast and pizza.

John shared a dessert with Antonio.  It was Fernando's birthday.  I told him I would buy him any dessert he wanted.  Guess what he chose?  The sundae extremo.
And he ate the whole thing.  I am glad I am not on duty tonight.

We got everyone back in the van and hit a major traffic snarl in Loarque.  Can you imagine giving kids as much pizza and pepsi as they want and then sitting in a nonmoving vehicle for an hour.  Trust me, you do not want to imagine it.

In spite of the traffic, it was a great evening.  Thank to Mike and Katy and their team for treating the kids tonight. 

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