Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Playa Guayaba Dorada

Two weeks ago, when Maria was here, we found this nice secluded little beach.  A beautiful little beach.  It was kind of late when we got there, so we did not stay.  But, I really wanted to go back.  Today is one of my last days off before groups start coming.  Nicole and the girls and I decided to go to the beach today. 

Nicole made some sandwiches and I took care of the drinks (water, tea, and soda).  We had fun riding down.  Every time someone said beach, Emma Kate said "agua." 

We stopped to go to the bathroom and, even though we had drinks, we found some ice cold Dr. Peppers and Nicole and I just had to have one.

We got to Playa Guayaba Dorada about 11:30.  We convinced the girls we should eat first.  They were not too keen on that idea, but we are the adults and we prevailed.
Haley really want to sit on the sand for the picnic, but since there were tables and chairs, we prevailed again.

It was low tide.  I mean really low tide.  There were shells every where.  Everyone had to pick up a few shells.

Finally, we were ready to head for the water. With it being low tide, it was a long walk to the water.

Haley was, by far in the lead.  And the pure bliss on that child's face when she reached the water.

The girls played.

We found some interesting things.

As the tide started to come in, there were so many shells washing in, that it was really hurting our feet.  We walked back.  Haley and I hunted for more shells.  We found some brown and white striped ones, some pink ones, some with a tiny gray stripe.  She liked the teeny tiny ones.  I liked the bigger ones.  She would say, "Oh, grammy, isn't this a beautiful one."  Or, "I just love this one."  It was so sweet listening to her.

Haley said I don't think I have ever been to as beautiful of a beach as this one.  And, we did enjoy the beauty.

We enjoyed the beauty of the beach and the beauty of being together.  What a wonderful day off.


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! So glad y'all had a GREAT day!!!! love you all!!!
janet tindall

Phyllis Chaffin said...

Thank you for sharing! So happy you got to enjoy such a beautiful day in such a beautiful way. Love you all!