Tuesday, October 8, 2013

On A Lighter Note

Yesterday was an awful day and we continue to pray.  But, all days are not awful.

Sunday afternoon I was walking from my house to Casa.  I heard a lot of screaming.  It was not angry screaming.  It was happy screaming.  I turned the corner and realized I had to go back to the house for my camera.

This is what I saw:

One kid was getting in an old tire and one or more was pushing.

They raced.

Katy was able to stay on the tire as Brayan pushed.

Fernando, too.

One kid in the tire, one on top.

Jackson could walk it without anyone pushing him.  And, he could do it for a long way.

And, picture for fun.

The employees, Doris and Kathy were pretty nervous about this fun, until they saw me laughing and taking pictures.  Then they loosened up some.  A little.

The kids wanted to put a kid in each tire and another push and play bumper cars.  I allowed that for about three seconds. I knew someone would surely get hurt in bumper cars.

After having this much fun, no one minded washing their clothes on the pila.

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