Friday, October 25, 2013

Feeling Lucky

Today is one of those "hope-we-can-get-it-all-done" days.  But, we knew it was going to be and I had made plans for that. 

Rosy had to have a cake for school that was big enough to serve 50.  Elena said she did not think she and Rosy could get a cake that big to school on the bus.  I agreed.   I was going to take the cake in to Manos Felices.  Rosy had to have a gift for the teacher, too.  Most things, I got ready last night.  I did get up a bit earlier to get the gift ready to go. 

I left here at 7:30 and took Karla to school.  With the cake seat belted in the front seat beside me, I left for Tegucigalpa.  There are construction projects on every major road, and some minor ones, in town.  Traffic is getting worse every day.  I was hoping to be at Manos Felices by 9:30.  I was on the tail end of the morning rush, so I had no idea how long it would take this morning.  I arrived at Manos Felices at 9:00.  And, the cake was still fairly intact.  I was feeling so lucky.  And confident. 

I went by the mailbox to get my mail and stopped at the pharmacy.  I had quite a list of medicines to buy.  The pharmacy at which I stopped had the whole list of medicines.  What a rarity to get everything in one stop.  Again, I was feeling luck and confident.  Since I was feeling so lucky, I stopped out by the airport for a granita for the road.

I sipped on my granita as I drove up the mountain.  Traffic was slow, but moving.  I arrived home at 10:30.  This was just too good to be true.

I went to the office to put the medicine away and just as I opened the office door, the little plastic handle on the bag broke and I dropped the whole bag.  All of the medicine was in boxes.  Most were in plastic bottles inside the box.  Only one was in a glass bottle.  And only one broke.  It was a medicine called dayamineral.  It has the consistency and stickiness of a really good pancake syrup.  It might be even more sticky than that.  There was dayamineral every where.  And, I mean every where.  The chair.  The table.  The medicine charts.  The floor.  My purse.  My glasses case.  My keys. 

I went to get some rags.  Nothing goes to waste here.  When clothes can no longer be worn, they are cut up for rags.  But no one really believes in cutting them in a size large enough to use for anything.  It took dozens of rags.  The child whose job it is to wash the rags on the pila today is going to hate me.

I cleaned the medicine charts first.  Then my purse.  I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  The rags, though wet, would not hold very much of the sticky dayamineral.  I went for more rags.  And cleaned and cleaned.  And went for more rags.  Just when I thought I had everything clean and destickied, I found it inside my purse.  I came down here to my house to tackle that mess. 

I ate lunch and was trying to do something significant in my office.  It was then I accidentally discovered it was in my hair.  I tried to brush it out and then comb it out.  That was something akin to trying to comb cotton candy.

Oh well, it is only 1:00 in the afternoon, I can still be productive in the office this afternoon because, after all,  I am feeling lucky today.

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