Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Medicine Time

Around here, someone is always needs medicine.  We created a schedule so it is given three or four times a day, not every hour. 

I think Baby Josue, Olman and Yair are on medicine most of the time.  I do the medicine at 6:00 in the morning.  These three are nearly always in a good mood at that hour of the day.  So am I if I have had my coffee.

Olman cries about nearly everything.  But, he is such a big boy when it comes to medicine.  He gets up in my lap and allows me to give medicine.  He smiles big and sometimes I get a hug from him.

Yair loves the one on one attention he gets when receiving medicine.  One morning he drank his 5 ccs of medicine like he was dying of thirst.  That medicine may not have quenched his thirst.

Josue may be smiling when I walk in, but it does not last long when he sees the med cups and nasal sprays .  He screams and kicks and flails his arms.  One morning he bit me.  I thought he was just doing this for me.  I soon found out I am not that special.  He acts like that for everyone.  To do the nasal sprays, Mirian holds his arms and legs and I hold his face with one hand and quickly spray with the other hand.  He throws a fit the whole time.  As soon as all the medicine is done, he starts smiling again.    Josue may be on meds forever.  I really hope he outgrows this some day.

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