Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Emotions That Come With A New House

Many times I have told the elation and thankfulness that comes when a family has a house built for them.  But, I have never shared the emotions that some families have before that house is built, especially if they have an existing house.

I have had several new houses.  Most were not brand new, but they were all new to me.  Each time there was an excited anticipation.  Most of the houses involved a corporate move which was always long and drawn out.  I was always ready to be in my new house, get settled and get in some what of a normal routine.  Yes, relief was always an emotion I felt.  After arriving in a new city, sometimes we had to stay in a hotel for a day or two until we closed on the new abode.  But we always had a place to say.  I was never ever scared about moving into a new house.

Yesterday, two houses were built in Lomas Diamonte.  One of the families had an existing house that had to be torn down.  The house had one side that was card board and three sides that were tin.  Not a very good house.  On Monday, the team had to do a lot of digging and moving of the mountain and such to make the lot as large as possible.  This family was thankful they were getting a new house.  When the group left on Monday afternoon, there was some fear.  Some of the family were just plain scared.

Their house, such as it was, was being torn down.  What if something went wrong?  What if the gringos did not finish the new house in one day as promised?  What would they do for one rainy, windy night without a place in which to sleep. Without a place to stay dry?  Would the children get sick if they got cold and wet?

I always knew I would have a place to sleep, even when I left one house and it would be several days before I was in the next house.  I have never known that kind of fear.  I try to imagine what that fear was like.  And, I can't.   But, it sure drove home an important point of finishing the houses in one day.  Even a tear down, which takes longer has to be finished in one day.

Praise God, that two houses were built yesterday and that two families slept dry last night.

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