Monday, October 1, 2012


In August 2013 we will see the first team from England.  We are excited about this opportunity.  Right now we are spending time with those folks that plan on coming to Honduras to work next summer.  We are missionaries.  I was a bit hesitant about coming to England for several reasons, one being we are missionaries.  We used frequent flyer miles and here we are.

We spent the weekend near Nottingham.  Saturday we went to Chatsworth.  In a land of castles and queens, the story of Chatsworth is something of a fairy tale.  When one of the family members died, to pay the death taxes, all these little businesses were started.  A farm, a store, touring the mansion.  I believe it is the only mansion not home by the government.  When a family can't pay the death taxes, the estate must be turned over to the government.

We saw some of the countryside and small towns that are just so englishly charming.  We went to Bakewell and had famous Bakewell pudding.  I could, indeed, get use to the English life; mid-afternoon tea, cream cakes.  I will be hitting the treadmill hard next week.

It is cold this far north, but as is the case everywhere we have been, fellowship with other Christians is warm and sweet.  I continue to be amazed at how small this world is.  We met people with whom our paths have crossed before.  And there is always someone that knows someone we know, even in England.

We are off to London for a few days.  We will see Dan and Linda and spend a few days sightseeing before returning to Nottingham again for the weekend.

One of the very best things is I am really taking some time off.  I have not worked in any form or fashion since Thursday.   Yay me!

We are having a jolly good time.  

Prayers needed as Marc negotiates driving on the left side of the road.  We will park the car in an hour or so and not return to it again until Friday.


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