Thursday, October 25, 2012


Often our kids have to make albums for homework.  An album has to include written work and pictures.  We use magazine and newspapers at an unbelievable rate.  Because we have 23 kids and we need some of the same pictures year after year (i. e. what the 2nd grade requires this year, the 2nd grade will require next year), we have purchased books with some of these pictures.  These book are not to be cut from; we make a copy of these precious pictures.

Brayan and Pamela are working on albums now that are about the ethnic groups of Honduras.  I do not know how anyone without access to a computer and the internet or without access to some of the material we have purchased will ever get this done. We have worked long and hard on finding this information.   Some of it is not found yet. 

Earlier in the week, the third graders had to have a picture of the earth's rotation.  We had that in a book and made copies.  Regarding Pamela and Brayan's project, as I thinking, "I don't know how anyone without a computer could ever get this work done", Karen called and said Elvia was wondering if we could make her a copy of earth's rotation for her third grader.  Elvia said she had looked everywhere and had not been able to find that.  That kind of reinforced by point.

I don't think it is very fair to require work that all (most) students cannot possibly find.  But, I will certainly be glad when these ethnic groups albums are done.


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