Monday, October 15, 2012


We have a new outdoor stove, known as a fogon.  It is a woodburner.  It is an eco-fogon, which means it burns 2/3 less wood than a regular fogon.  Elvia is quite excited about this edition and proudly showed she three pots cooking at the same time.  We will still use the indoor stove, but this will save money.  Also, our girls need to learn to cook on the fogon.  It is a huge temptation to Americanize them, but, in reality, they have to learn to live in this country after they leave here.  We hope to learn to make our own tortillas, among other things.

Right now, the excitement is running high, as with any new object.  Well, Fernando is not too excited.  Because he stole some money at school, he is the wood-gatherer.  He was hot and sweaty on Saturday and really did not want that job any more.

The fogon is next to the pila and is covered.

Do you think I can get Thanksgiving dinner prepared on it?  Do you think I am even going to try?  The answer is no, to both questions.


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