Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another Angel Has Gone Home

We learned today that Vitalina died last week.  I know she is in heaven today with a body that is no longer sick.  No longer hurting.  She showed everyone around her how to live and how to die.  Her story is a sad one.

I haven't seen Carla yet, but I talked to her on the phone.  It goes without saying, she is sad.  She will be sad for a long time.  She loved her mother.  I think her dad and her brothers are in good hands, though. 

We plan to help this family for as long as they need it.  Thanks to those who have donated for that cause.  Right now, let us all lift them in prayer as they grieve the loss of a wife and mother.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you and bless you for finding her and her family and for sticking with them. Carlos