Monday, October 22, 2012

Street People

Admittedly so, I live in my own little Casa world of kid's appointments, employee issues, buying groceries, paying bills, and receipts.  Except for what Marc tells me about the ministry he is doing, I rarely know anything that is happening in the world outside of the back gate.

But when  I am in town, I have noticed a lot more street vendors, selling almost anything imaginable.  There have also been more beggars and street performers.  Near PriceSmart, I saw a guy with a bottle of gasoline.  He would put some gasoline in his mouth and open his mouth and place a stick afire near his mouth.  The flames would shoot out of his mouth.  He could do this twice before needing more gasoline.  After putting gasoline in his mouth twice, and exhaling fire four times, he would begin to walk among the cars soliciting money.  As he walked among the cars, I noticed he had a terrible cough.  How does a man get to this point that he is willing to put gasoline in his mouth and stick  a lighted piece of wood to his mouth in order to earn a lempira or two?
Another one was juggling, with only three balls.  I don't think he was going to make much on the juggling ability.  He was terrible.  But he could balance 3 glass bottles on his chin.  He was much more adept at that than juggling.

Today Marc saw Rudy, a former resident here, in the street walking on his hands.

More and more people are coming to our gate wanting to sell stuff.  Some of the people from whom we purchase things for the store are coming here wanting to show us new products.  One of these comes all the time.  The other usually waits for us to call with an order.  She seemed to be desperately needing money.

These are sad stories.  It says to me, things are bad here for a lot of people.  The desperation.  The hunger.  The trying to feed one's children.  Please pray for these people and for us as we try to make a difference to a few.


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