Wednesday, October 3, 2012

London On A Budget

We knew things in London were expensive.  We just did not know how expensive. 

Yesterday we did a walking tour of London.  We saw most of the things to see in one day.  From the outside.  It cost to go in everything, even the churches.  We started by walking from Dan and Linda's along the River Thames.  We crossed the Tower Bridge.  We stopped for coffee and a bagel near the London Bridge.  Continuing beside the river, we soon crossed over on the Millennium Bridge, a pedestrian bridge, which took us directly to St. Paul's cathedral.  We walked around that for a while and walked on down the street, seeing all sorts of sites.  Later we crossed back over the river and saw, not rode, the Eye of London.  Then we walked across the river again on the Westminster bridge, where we could easily see the houses of Parliament and Big Ben.  We walked around Parliament Square for a bit and around Westminster Abby.  All the while, I am clicking away.  Some of the buildings of which I took pictures, I don't even know what they are.  They are huge, massive, beautiful structures.

We continued making our way to Buckingham Palace.  Marc rested and I walked around taking pictures of everything I could.  We then strolled through peaceful Saint James Park.  With the help of the internet and maps, Marc says we walked about 10 miles.  I am comfortably assured of walking off last weekend's cream cake.

Today, we saw the Tower of London.  This is the only thing we are paying to see.  It was impressive.  Our guide was very knowledgeable.  I think most British are very polite, very well-dressed, very formal, very knowledgeable and very proud of their heritage.

I think tomorrow might be a day for museums since they are all free.


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