Thursday, July 26, 2012


We put Jesus in the center of everything we do. And tell His good news often.  But when Wesley, Perry, and Vickie hit the ground in July, the devil is scared.  Each year we have many baptisms while they are here.  Bible studies and Vacation Bible Schools are happening this year, but the results are different.

Monday, the whole group went to Nacaome, which might be one of the hottest places on earth, and pretty remote, too.  Vickie and Perry were sharing and setting up Bible studies.  There is an existing church there.  The people said we are so glad to see you.  We thought the whole world forgot about us. 

Today, the evangelism teams were working in the mountains above Ojojona.  They met the preacher.  He said he was tired.  We was working a circuit of four churches, trying to share the good news and minister to all four.  He was very thankful for the encouragement from other Christians.

As important as it is to lead lost souls to know the forgiving grace of Jesus, I think we all forget that sometimes existing Christians need to encourage each other. 

Thanks to Wesley, Perry and Vickie for being encouragers to existing and future Honduran Christians and to everyone they meet.


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