Tuesday, July 31, 2012


AFE is the school at the dump and means Amor, Fe, and Esperanza (Love, Faith and Hope).  They are educating kids whose parents work in the dump.  Frequently, this is a big sacrifice for the parents.  They have to let go of two hands sort the garbage and ultimately help with the family's income.  These parents also know that for their child to have a better life they have to be educated.  Sometimes, it is a hard decision for the parents.  To give up a little income that helps feed the family or give the child a better chance. 

We are seeing great things happen at AFE.  Five young girls, ranging in ages from 12-17, are being taught to make jewelry out of magazines.  This is different from the other jewelry.  Marc was quite sure I would like the jewelry and wanted me to see it.  He was right.  I liked it. 

The girls were so excited I came to see it.  They also wanted to show me how they made it.

I knew I was going to order some of this jewelry.  The girls knew it, too.  I began to think and the girls began to say how much do you want?  I told them I was thinking.  Then I told my order.  All six of the girls began to jump up and down and scream.  You know  how teenage girls are.

They said they would begin work that day on the order.  When asked what they would do with the money they make from the necklaces, every one of them said they would help their families buy the food necessary to live.  And then, if there was any left, the might buy some clothes.  We asked, " new clothes?"  And they said, "no".

I am so thankful for the people teaching these young girls a way out of the dump.  You can expect to hear and see more about these necklaces in the coming weeks.

On the front row with me is Lele age 16 and Heidi age 17
On the back is Delsi age 16, Mariela age 15, Karen age 16 and Kedy age 12


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