Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Emma Kate Fitzgerald

Miss Emma Kate Fitzgerald arrived at 11:50 a.m. on July 11, 2012.  She weighed 5 pounds, 15 ounces.  Those are the only vital statistics we have right now.  And it took all day to get those. 

Yesterday, Nicole was telling one of the kids, her stomach would have to be cut to get the baby out.  And he said, "you mean with a Gillette (razor).  That was closer to the truth than anyone would like to think about.  Suffice it to say, the prep nurse might have needed a few more hours of training.

Amazingly enough, things started right on time. 

Emma Kate has a little water in her lungs and is under oxygen.  We thought she would be under the oxygen for about an hour.  When several hours passed and she was still under oxygen, we began to ask why.  The nurse quickly said the doctor will have to talk to you.  We were quite certain something was wrong.  I tend to not be very rational when I get up at 3:15 in the morning after having gone to bed at 10:30.  Baby Emma is going to be just fine, but she will be under oxygen for a bit longer.

Many things are different in a third world country than they are in the States.  Giving birth is no exception.  No one was with Nicole  this morning.  When Haley was born three years ago, both Matt and I were with her.  We knew no dads in the operating room.  But what we did not know, is that no one is allowed to hold Sweet Emma until tomorrow.  Not ever her mommy.  I wanted to get my hands on that baby.  We did get to look at her through the nursery window.  The nurse took her from under the oxygen tent to feed her.  The nurse was very careful not to hold Emma where we could see her face.  All of us standing there with cameras and not even allowed a photo op. 

A group from Matt and Nicole's home church is here this week.  What a blessing that has been.  To Nicole and to me.  Sherry and Donna were with us this morning was we waited during the c-section. And Kate.  Dear, sweet Kate.  She held my hand and prayed with me when I was irrational and thought something was so wrong with Emma.  God gives us friends so we can take care of each other. 

Nicole is in extreme pain.  She will get to go down to see here sweet baby tomorrow.  Let's all pray that Nicole heals quickly and that Baby Emma does not have to be under the oxygen long.  If all goes well, they will get to come home Saturday.

 Not a very good picture when taken through the nursery window and when baby is under oxygen.  But take my word for it, she is beautiful.

The nurse so carefully shielding Emma's face from our prying eyes ( and cameras)
Haley seeing her baby sister for the first time and blowing her kisses.

It has been a long day.  I am tired.  There will be more picture of Emma soon.



Anonymous said...

Love to all and prayers for all.
aunt janet

Anonymous said...


Jo Beth and I will be praying for Emma, Nicole, & you and Marc. It is hard to believe that the pretty little girl that I knew in TN is old enough to be a mother of two.
Time passes and god's memory helps all to remember when things were great and that the troubles are only fleeting. I promise that He will make things perfect in yours and Nicole's family.