Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another Great Week In Honduras

All weeks are great weeks in Honduras.  This one has been no exception.  We have had groups from Lafayette, Louisiana and Childress, Texas.  And, Jeff Smith brought his first Disciples Trip group.  There was over 60 people here this week.  Worship and devotionals were awesome.

Many great things were accomplished.  Three houses were built.  One was a very special house.  It was a memory house for Tracy Kuipers father.  This house was built for a friend of Marc's that works in the dump.  The house she had been living in, was one of the worst anyone had ever seen.  It had to be torn down.  I heard many say it was the hardest tear down they had ever down.  The location was one of those tight little places.  The old material had to be carried out through a little alley-like place and the new wood carried in the same way. 

Not only was this house special because it was a memory house and because it was for a friend, it was the biggest one a group had ever built.  It was 25' x 18', having 5 bedrooms when finished, complete with bunk beds and mattresses.

This house was not completed in one day.  It took two full days.  Two full days of hard work and every emotion imaginable.  Sorrow, grief, joy.  Memory houses are like that.

On Thursday, while some of the group was finishing the memory house, the others took a group of kids from the dump to Aqua Splash, the water park.  Children who have very little joy in their lives and work hard alongside their parents were treated to a day they will never forget.  Their were squeals and giggles all day long.  From the children and the group.

As these groups leave, we will have groups from Baton Rouge Louisiana and Mitchell, Indiana next week.  Prepare for another great week in Honduras.


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