Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bench Builders

We have had several groups come to Casa and work.  Saturday, one group built a bench with some extra lumber.  They set it by the soccer field.  On Monday, the boys decided it was a great bench and they wanted another one.  Dennis patiently helped them build another.  Before cutting, each board was measured carefully.  Karen and I were surprised at how quickly the bench came together.

There was no school Monday and it was a nice sunny day.  Sometimes, when those two conditions exist, the kids are allowed to eat outside.  They love eating outside.  Fernando and Brayan, especially, were wanting to eat outside to try out their new bench as a table.  Soup was for lunch.  We don't let the children eat outside when we have soup because it is far too messy.

Wisely, Karen knew how important it was to Fernando and Brayan to eat on their new bench.  Soup or no soup, those two were allowed to eat outside Monday.  The two of them had a great time out there as they proudly ate from the bench they built.

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