Saturday, July 14, 2012

Emma Kate Update

Emma Kate is still in the hospital.  Still in the incubator.  Still under the bili-ruben lights.  Still is being fed through a tube.  Still needing oxygen.  They were able to change from an oxygen tent to a tube.  That means she is getting better. 

Today, Haley and I got to see her for the first time since Wednesday.  Not hold her or touch her, but see her through the nursery window.  A five pound, fifteen ounce baby is not extremely small, but she looked so tiny in that incubator.  I know she needed Grammy to come in and hug her. 

The pediatrician came after I left.  He said she had made much improvement today.  The lights and the feeding tube come off tomorrow.  If all goes well, she may come out of the incubator tomorrow night. 

Let's keep praying that girl through.  She is going to be ok.  She just needs lots and lots of prayers right now.

Nicole is doing great and would be home if the baby could come home.


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