Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Troubling Question

I become more and more convinced we, as Americans, do not know how blessed we are.  Anyone that has ever had a premature baby knows how frightening it is when the baby has to have oxygen and feeding tubes and be put in incubator.  But, in the United States of America have you ever been asked, "do you have the money to do whatever it takes?"  Sick babies are treated and money is worried about later.

Thursday Matt and Nicole were asked if they had the money to do whatever it takes to get Emma well?  To say the least, this was very unnerving because it was an indication of how critical things were.  Fortunately, Matt and Nicole were able to say we can get the money to do whatever it takes to save our baby.  Hospitals require deposits and, if you stay very long payments along the way.  Payments in cold, hard cash.

I have stated before the statistics in this country.  Of over seven million people, way over half live in poverty or in extreme poverty.  By U.S. standards, Matt and Nicole's hospital bill was not high.  Especially for six nights in the hospital for Mommy and Baby, an obstetrician, pediatrician, cardiologist, anesthesiologist, oxygen, incubator, feeding tube, iv's, etc, etc.  Very few Hondurans could have afforded the care Emma received.  What does one do?  Many parents are forced to say, "no, we don't have the money," and then watch as their baby gasps for each breath until there is no breath for which to gasp.  This breaks my heart.  I saw little Emma's labored breathing after she was already getting better.  How many people have to watch their babies dies because they can't afford it?  I don't know the answer to that.  I am sure many, many people in Honduras and other parts of the world have to watch their babies die because they can't afford treatment.

Our ministry is able to help some, but, in the whole of things, not many.  We have also paid for funerals for babies that were not helped.

If I could have a wish be granted, it would be that no child has to die because the parent can't afford treatment.


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