Monday, February 27, 2012

Half Way Home

I am in Houston.  I am ready to be home, but I was so sad to leave this afternoon.  There was a trail of tears from Amarillo to Houston.

Can someone please explain to me why an airline that can get you from Tegucigalpa to Amarillo in one day (normally) but has to delay the Houston-Amarillo leg because of weather cannot retrieve your luggage for you (even if you end up having  to fly to Oklahoma City), but the same airline cannot get you from Amarillo to Tegucigalpa in one day and say you are required to get your luggage in Houston?  I can't explain it.  I knew I was having to stay in Houston tonight.  I packed clean clothes and my one little zip-loc of toiletries and a few other essentials in my little carry-on, making that little carry-on heavier than I would I have liked.  I discover that I have to get my luggage in Houston because no one is allowed to leave luggage overnight.  Really.  I tell similar stories from Honduras on a regular basis.  And which country is the developed world and which one is the developing world? 

When I got to this hotel, I thought I would enjoy a few more of my things tonight.  Until, I opened that suitcase and remembered where some of those things were.  Anything that would suffice without the luggage, would suffice just as well with the luggage.  The little carry-on will be light tomorrow, though.  There is still room in those bags for a few more things.

Yay for hotels that still have bathtubs.  It was a hot bath kind of night.  Yay for vending machines.  And Washington red delicious apples.  Yay for a chance to pamper myself a little tonight.  Yay for the last round of talking to friends.  Yay for internet.   Yay for all the simple pleasures of life.


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