Tuesday, February 7, 2012


"And on the seventh day, God rested from all his work."  Genesis 2:2

God commands us to rest, and even rested Himself.  He even told the people to let the fields rest every seven years.  I don't like to rest.  I like to get as much done in a day as I possibly can.  Sometimes that means working way into the night.  I have a friend that used to say people have died in their sleep.  I believed him and do not rest enough.

Once in a while, that catches up with me.  Today was that day.  That is good, because today was my day off.  Part of the problem is I don't always take my day off.  I use it to get something more accomplished.

Today, I rested.  I renewed myself physically by taking a really long nap this afternoon.  I renewed myself mentally by not doing anything that required a decision or thinking today.  No work. I did not even have to make a decision on what to eat because I renewed myself spiritually by fasting and praying.   I had some long talks with God today.  I am at peace this evening, a peace that transcends all  understanding.

I had thought I would spend a good portion of the day stitching, but my mind and body were too tired to count the little x's.  I needed rest. Total rest.  And, now I am  ready to get busy again tomorrow.


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