Thursday, February 2, 2012

Registering For School

It is that time of the year, already.  Time to register the kids for school as school starts next week.  For Nicole, it was a welcome to Honduras day.

All the birth certificates and all of last year's grades had to be taken.  Since the kids are going to same school, it seems to me this would not be necessary, but, nonetheless, it is.  Nicole went to the elementary school first.  After standing in many different  lines, she successfully registered 13 kids.  She needed 26 limpiras, 2 limpiras per child to register.  She did not have that, but they said she could bring it later.  They know we are always good for the money.

She then went to the high school to register Brayan and Pamela in 7th grade.  She had most of the paperwork they needed.  However, she needed pictures of each them and we had some in their files.  She called and asked me to bring the pictures and the 26 limpiras, which I did. 

She came home around 12:15 saying that tomorrow she had to go back to both the elementary school and the high school.  She got everything done at the high school and when she walked to the table to complete the process, the lady at the table said, "you will have to come back tomorrow."  Nicole asked why since I am here and you are here.  She said I am through today.  Nicole kept saying we are both here, lets get this done.  But it did not happen.

Nicole drove back to the elementary school to pay the L26 and they told her, " you will have to come back tomorrow.  Registration closes at 12:00."  She tried,  unsuccessfully to explain she had registered the kids and just needed to pay L26.  "I'm sorry.  You will have to come back tomorrow.  Registration closes at 12:00."

There is just some things you just never get used to.


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