Thursday, February 9, 2012

First Day Of School

Weeks ago, we began getting ready for the first day of school.  All the uniforms were pulled out and Elvia began trying them on each child.  She put names in the uniforms and marked each one that needed to be hemmed or altered.  She then got the sewing machine and began to hem and all those things.

A list of missing uniform pieces was made and I went to town to purchase those.  That is never ever accomplished in one trip. 

Yesterday, there was hair to be cut, shoes to be polished, uniforms to be ironed and made ready for this morning.  Karen had each child hang his uniform on their bed.
Well, the idea was that they would be ironed first and then hung on the bed.  This one got done in reverse.

Elvia was still sewing yesterday morning and Doris was still ironing last night.

They were eager this morning and got out of bed easily.  That won't last long.  Soon there will be groaning at 5:45.  Devo, breakfast, chores.

Baby Korbin was content in his pouch as Karen did hair.
Daniela needed a last minute bang trim.
As they get ready, they place the backpacks by the door.

Soon enough, new white socks, polished shoes, hemmed skirts, braids and all, they are ready to go.

The excite chatter begins to move from the house
to the van.
A group shot
The seventh graders as they head off for the 2nd day of orientation

After a couple of kids jump out of the van and run back to the house for a forgotten water bottle and a forgotten notebook,
they are off to the first day of school.


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