Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Break

Most people only get to enjoy spring break for a week, but we get to enjoy it for three weeks.  Yesterday, spring break began and doesn't end until March 24.  We will have four teams and a few other people here over the next three weeks.  I  love the excitement and enthusiasm the college kids bring.

A group of 20 from Harding arrived yesterday.  We have always had Harding students at spring break and with some of the summer groups, but this is the first time an official group has come from Harding.  They were tired last night.  After some rest, they were eager to get started this morning.

Next week two groups from Texas will be here.  The group from Lubbock came for the first time last year.  There are 17 of them coming, some returning people and some brand new ones.  The Skillman Church of Christ group is a brand new group with 12 people.

The third week we have a group of 29 from Freed-Hardeman.  This is the third year for this group to come work with us.  Throughout the three weeks, we will also have some special guests from England, Florida, and Abilene.

Some of these people I already know and some I don't, but I expect great things from all of them.  Spring break will be exciting with many wonderful things happening.  For me, personally,  I look forward to being renewed as I join the groups each night for devo.  I need some good English singing and fellowship.

A great big welcome to our spring break groups and guests.


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