Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break Fun Continues

The second week of spring break ended yesterday.  The two Texas teams and our friends from Nottingham, England built another school room and three houses.  They had church and fed in the dump, distributed food, had a late night devo in Byron's coffee shop, played with the Casa kids and other kids as well.  We celebrated two birthdays; Nicole Clark turned 19 and one of the leaders, Jeff Smith went over the hill as he celebrated his 50th birthday.

This week the group from Freed Hardeman is here.  They got off the plane and went to Nueva Oriental and then came to Casa for a bonfire.  We fed the kids marshmallows then sent them in for showers and supper.  I wonder how many suppers we ruined with those marshmallows.  Today, after church, the group was going to the hospital.  Tomorrow, the physical work begins with the construction of one more school room.  There will also be 2 more houses built, food distribution, the dump and a day or so in the prison.  Good stuff happening in Honduras.


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