Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Night At Pizza Hut

Last year, Marc and I decided we would take the children to Pizza Hut to celebrate their birthdays.  We were going to do this four kids at a time.  The first four went off as planned.  Then we  had to take groups two and three two nights in a row right before we left for the States in August.  Well, this last group has just been put off too long.  We finally cashed in our i.o.u.s and took the last six tonight.  There was confusion at the last minute.  Daniela was on my list to go and several of the kids, including Daniela, said she had been.  I was sure she had not been, but I had to look back at the pictures to be 100% sure.  I jumped out of the van and told her to change her clothes.  I did not know Daniela could change clothes that fast.  And, finally we were off to Tegucigalpa.

Some were so excited they went to sleep on the way there.

After arriving at the Pizza Hut, most of the kids went straight to the play area.  Fortunately, Marc was there way ahead of us and had ordered the food.  We were joined by Donnie and Roberto and his family.  Roberto is the caretaker at the farm.  He and his family had never been to Pizza Hut.  They were in awe the whole time.  Disneyland could not have been more impressive.

Roberto's family

A huge amount of soda was consumed.
Appetizers of chicken nuggets appeared and didn't last long.

Then came the pizza.
Antonio said he did not come to play.  He came for one thing only and that was to eat pizza.  At last count, he had eaten seven pieces.

The best is always saved for last.  Roberto's family's eyes were as big as the pizza pans when the ice cream came out.  Our kids attacked as if their lives depended on it.  
Little Any did not have a chance of getting any ice cream the way the bigger kids were eating it.  We scooped some out and put on her plate.  She had no idea how to eat ice cream.  So she licked it.
And Sisi wanted to get every last drop.

Everyone had a ton of fun.  This completes a year of Pizza Hut birthdays.  We will probably still do fun things for the kids, but we are not going to make another promise like we did last year.  We were owing a group their trip all the time.  If we were doing it again this year, we would already be six behind.  But, if the truth be known, Marc and I had as much fun as the kids.


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