Monday, March 26, 2012

Doctor's Visit

This morning Karen and Dorian's little Korbin had an appointment with the pediatrician.  Karen was able to make Olman and Josue appointments as well.  At 8:00, Karen, Dorian and Mirian left with Korbin, Josue, and Olman.  One adult per one baby.  I like those ratios.  They arrived at 9:15 and saw the doctor from then until 11:00.  Everyone liked the doctor and thought she was very thorough.

Korbin was born November 21and Josue and Olman were born November 25, all three premature.  Today at four months old, Korbin weighs 13 pounds, Olman weighs 11 pounds, and Josue 9 pounds.  Yay! Everyone is gaining, some just not as rapidly as others.

Olman has a hole in his heart and has to see a cardiologist.  Josue needs to see a neurologist.  Karen was also told we needed to get Josue into Teleton as soon as possible.  Nicole was on her way to Teleton as Karen was returning from the doctor.  She was able to get Josue's records and doctor recommendation to Nicole.  Nicole is starting the process of getting another child in Teleton.  Josue also needed meds for inhalers.

We don't know what is involved, but we probably have a long road ahead with doctor's appointments and Teleton.  Please pray that we will find the doctors we need and that the twins will soon be healthy.


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