Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mid Air Collision

Saturday afternoon is normally a peaceful time.  I love it. 

Yesterday was no exception.  The weather was pleasant.  The kids were playing.  No one was arguing or fighting.  It is such a pleasant sound to hear kids laughing and playing.  I was enjoying every second of it.

Any and Yair were in the swings, both having so much fun.  They both got to going crooked about the same time.  And crash.  I heard the swings hit.  I saw blood every where.  Yair's mouth was bleeding profusely.  I know a mouth bleeds heavily no matter how small the cut and was hoping it was small.  I put a wet compress on it and stopped the bleeding enough to see that it was way too deep to not do anything about.   I grabbed my purse and off we went to the local hospital. 

I was holding Yair's hand and he was calm.  A pretty female doctor that was very kind and calm walked in and he went crazy.  He was screaming and crying, before she said a word or touched him. She looked at the lip and said he needed stitches. She deadened the whole lip.  It took three people to hold him down to get two little stitches in.  I think he might have been speaking in tongues.  I certainly did not understand what he was saying.

In less than an hour we were back home.  He is on antibiotics and ibuprofen. 

So much for the peaceful Saturday afternoon.

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