Monday, August 24, 2015

Fun In New Hampshire

I arrived in Manchester a week ago, around midnight.  I was so glad to see Nathan and Camille.  And, the next morning to see Julia and Thatcher.  There has been lots of hugs and kisses. Lots of puzzles.   Camille and I have made our guacamole. I am resting, which I badly needed.  If nothing else,  I would say I was having a great time.

But, there has been more.  Thursday, we went to Boston and walked the Freedom Trail.  I love history, and, sometimes, I am even a nerd about it.  This was awesome to get to do this.  We drove about 25 miles and then rode the train the rest of the way.

The tour began in Boston Common.

I captured this picture of the State House before the tour began.

There was a lot of history that I did not know before the tour.  We were able to see 16 different sites, but did not stop at all of them.

After leaving Boston Common, the next stop was the Granary cemetery.   Many famous people are buried here.

 The five victims of the Boston Massacre are also buried here.

We saw the Old North church, the site of the corner bookstore and the site of the Boston massacre, among other things. 

It was interesting to me, but maybe not to everyone.

We knew we were going to eat in Boston.  We started walking back to the train station, knowing we would find something.  We found a whole street with nothing but Italian restaurants.  The first decision was made for us.  The next decision was which one?    The first one we tried to enter, said they did not allow strollers and had no high chairs.  We decided on one called Mama Anna's.  It was a great choice.

Camille had chicken parmesan.   A lot of food for a little girl.

I had shrimp and mushrooms in the most delectable sauce.

As we arrived at the train station at 5:30, I could see I-93 north and I was glad we were riding the train.  And, since Nathan was the driver, I am sure he was glad we were on the train.

Then Saturday, was another day of sightseeing.  

First stop, Portsmouth.  Portsmouth is a beautiful town and I loved every minute.  We arrived just in time for lunch.

It was a perfect day to eat outside;not too hot, not too cold and slight ocean breeze blowing. 

Camille got a shrimp sandwich.
Julia and I each got a lobster roll.  Nathan had a haddock basket and a bowl of clam chowder.  We all sampled the clam chowder. 

We walked around Portsmouth for a while and then drove to Newcastle Island to Fort Constitution.  This fort was built during the War of 1812.  It was pleasant and the views were awesome.

Before heading back to Derry, we went to Odiorne State Park.  We went to the marine science center.

We walked through the park enjoying the views of rocky, rugged shore.  The views were amazingly beautiful.

 Precious time.  Precious memories.  Seeing beautiful sights of the Northeast and spending time with my family.

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