Friday, August 7, 2015

Helpful Haley

Haley has a very sweet personality, knows Spanish well, and loves what we do in Honduras.  She is helpful in all sorts of ways to all sorts of people. She is a personal translator for some people.  She goes to the dump frequently, but is never allowed out of the back of truck.

She likes to go to the house sites and help build.  She even has her own pink tool belt.  And we all know that girls with their own pink tool belts rock.

Haley has helped translate in the hospital.   She got scared in the orthopedic ward and led the group out and asked where the new born babies were.  When the nurse replied, Haley led the whole group to the new born babies.

She told me one day that she even led a "mawket gwoup".

One of her favorite things to do is to help in the store.  If one of the Casa kids is not with me, she says, "looks like it is just you and me tonight, Grammy"  She is very good at getting drinks out of the refrigerator and candy and chips off the shelves.  She has even tried to write the sales in the book.  That works with a small group, but not quite so well with a large group.

This summer I decided I would put something on sale every night.  Many days, Haley has suggested what we need to put on sale.  I started calling her my marketing manager. 

It was a lot of work to put something on display every night and then take it down.  Many, many times Haley has helped with the display.  She is never around when it is time to take it down.  She can't stay awake that long.

One night she did the whole junco display.

One night after I carried the Lenca pottery out and had it set up, Haley put flowers in the vases.  It certainly added a needed touch.

Last night was the best, though.  I called it Christmas in August and put all of our Christmas items on sale.  Haley asked Nicole for a Santa hat to wear.  She was really wanting to get into the spirit of the sale.  Nicole did not know where a Santa hat was so Haley wore the Christmas tree skirt, as well as helping with the display.

She did help with the display, but she did not touch those angels on the top shelf.

I love this girl, her sweet attitude and her helpful heart.

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