Friday, August 21, 2015

Construction Zone

In the summer, there is always projects going on at Casa de Esperanza.  And, even though groups have been gone a week and a half, some of the projects were not finished when I left on Monday.  With three projects going on at the same time, it definitely looked like a construction zone.

Work on the wall continued through the summer.  Both Torch and Honduras Hope groups worked on the wall.  There was a lot of progress made, but I think that project is going to be available again next summer.

The wall now goes behind Mirian's house and the dorm.  A bit more has to be done because there is a gap right now and anyone or anything could walk right in.

Another project that is nearing completion was the long awaited for bike barn.  This bike barn was paid for by the Ballenger Church of Christ in Ballenger, Texas, a very generous gift.  As the project started there was building materials all over campus.

They only thought these footers were deep enough.

When I left the roof, the door and the floor were all that was lacking to have the bike barn completed.  I hope by now the bicycles are enjoying their new home.

We were desperately needing a new gate.  There were several reasons that this was such a need.  One was some bars were missing from the old gate, allowing people and animal to enter and leave whenever they felt the need.

Also, when the old rock wall was torn down last summer and the new block wall was started, the city made us give up some space.  The old gate and the new wall were not at the same angle, making it, sometimes awkward to get in and out of the gate.  At the new angle, one of the gates did not open far enough.

Installing a new gate sounds like a simple thing.  But it was not as simple as it sounds.  The guard shack that Don Cross and his son built had to be taken town.  And some concrete poured.  And other things, too.  On Saturday and Sunday, we could not drive a car in or out.  Saturday night there was no gate at all and I had to hire someone to sit out there and make sure no one came in.

The new gate was completely finished by Monday afternoon.

We appreciate the groups and individuals that provided labor and/or money for these projects.

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