Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Great Shoe Adventure

The high school kids go to school of an afternoon.  The shower, eat and do chores right before they go.  According to Ana, she took her whole uniform, including shoes into the bathroom and put them on one of the toilets while she showered.  She finished her shower and her shirt and one shoe was there and nothing else.  I have a huge suspicion what happened, but can't prove it yet.

We looked for the shoe and for some pants.  We finally found some pants that were too big.  Elvia basted in a hem and did a quick tuck in the waist.  That took care of the pants.  There was one pair of new shoes in the office.  I went to get them.  They were a tad big for Ana, but I thought they would do for today.  She said she could wear 2 pairs of socks and if she had to, put paper in the toes.

After she left, went through everything, including the trash, looking for those pants and that shoe.  All I found was the shoes I had taken from the office.  I was stunned.  What did Ana wear to school.  Sisi's shoes are too small for Ana and Sisi's shoes were there. 

When Ana got home this afternoon, I asked her what shoes she wore.  She said these.  I looked at the shoes.  They looked like the one shoe of hers she had, but the inside was different.  Her shoe had writing inside and the ones she was holding had no writing inside. 

I began to think that maybe she had Reina's shoes, except that Reina was at school when Ana left.  I asked Reina where her school shoes were and she said she did not know.  I said look for them.  Then I asked her what she wore to school and where they were.  They were beside her bed ready for in the morning.  I said why did you tell me you did not know where your shoes were?  And she said, because I have 2 pairs.  Well, I did not know anyone had two pairs. 

I still think Ana has Reina's shoes, but both Reina and Ana denied that even though Reina did not know where her other pair was. 

I threw up my hands and said how complicated.

I still think I know who took one shoe and the pants, but that remains to be seen yet. 

Don't you wish you lived with a bunch of 14 year old girls?  It is really fun.

I am pretty sure Ana has Reina's shoes and I am pretty sure

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