Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Train Whistle In The Night

I have said it before, but I will say it again.  I grew up in the Texas panhandle.  Borger, to be exact.  Over the years, I have grown to love the Texas panhandle more and more.  I have heard people say that it is the ugliest spot on earth.  I disagree.  I think the Texas panhandle has a beauty all its own and a person has to be from here to appreciate it.

As I drove from Enid last week, I felt the tensions draining out of my body.  I had just spent five hours with Laura so a lot of tensions were already gone.  I wish I had a day to just drive through the panhandle.  With no place to go, just drive.  Stop and take a picture when the mood hits.  Maybe, next time but not this time.

I drove to Childress Wednesday and back on Thursday.  I do not know what it is about these treeless plains and waterless rivers that give me such peace.  The windmills, the oilfields, an abandoned farm house.  The web of roads and backroads that connect everything to everything.   Peace floods my soul as I drive.

I always love being in Childress.  After church, I was wound up.  As I frequently do when I am in other people's homes, I stayed up late visiting.  I need that, too.  I went into the bedroom in which I was sleeping.  I was going to read a bit and unwind.  Almost immediately I heard a train whistle.  What a comforting sound.  A lullaby of sorts.  Before I shut off the light, I heard two more.  I think the train whistles soothed my soul more than reading.  I snuggled down in that bed knowing there would probably be train whistle all night.  What a comforting thought with which I would be sleeping.  Train whistles in the night.

Happy to be in the Texas panhandle for a few more days.

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