Monday, October 19, 2015

My Trip To The States

On August 17, I left for the States.  I was exhausted and was looking forward to rest and relaxation.  I had a good book to read on the plane and beyond.  That in itself was a good thing.  There had not been much time for reading before I left.  Somewhere between 11:30 p.m. and 12:00 a.m., Nathan and Camille picked me up at the Manchester airport.  Seeing them, made me forget every care.

I did not see Thatcher and Julia until after I had had several hours sleep.  Oh my!  How that Thatcher had grown. 

Of course, Camille and I worked several puzzles.  The last one was more difficult than any we had worked before.  One day, Julia, Camille and I shopped for school clothes.  I always enjoy these simple things with my family. 

We went to Boston one day.  And to Portsmouth another.  And to Loon Mountain another.  I had so much fun sight seeing and eating New England food, as in fresh seafood. 

I spent two glorious weeks with them.  It is always so hard to leave.

I then went to Borger.  I always love going there, but this time was so difficult.  My mom is declining so rapidly.  There were hard to decisions to make.  I cried every day.  I was spoiled with cherry pecan ice cream and pecan brittle.  After a couple of hard decision-making days, I binged on those things. 

Janet's mom was also ill and I did not even get to see her.  Another reason for tears.

I left Borger in tears.  I was settling down, when I learned that Janet's mother had died.  That brought a whole new round of tears.

Then I hit the road, visiting churches and seeing more friends. 

I drove over 3800 miles. Michael W. Smith sang to me most of the way.  I spoke three times and visited with nine missions committee and/or groups of elders.  I was privileged to attend the ladies' retreat with my friends from Fairview Heights.  I saw many friends.  I relaxed and visited and ate my way across the country.  I stopped and toured things which I found interesting and was treated to the Grand Ole Opry by friends.  I shopped and ate ice cream.  I had girl time with friends.  I shared the Casa story with many.  I was encouraged and uplifted every where I went.  I was blessed by so many.

However one measures success, this trip was successful.  I have never been gone eight weeks.  I was definitely ready to return home.  I hit the ground running and haven't stopped since.  That is my life and I cannot imagine doing anything else.

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