Sunday, July 19, 2015

God Works In Mysterious Ways

I have always heard that you should be careful what you pray for because you might get it.  Last year we prayed for something and were shocked at the answer we received.  Just recently, God answered two prayers in a way we did not expect.  I am not comfortable sharing these publicly, but it you want to know, private message me and I will share them.

I will admit I am tired, very tired now.  I was looking forward to Randy Mcadam's group visiting Casa today.  I love for groups to visit us.  I was looking forward to showing them around and showing them how some of the kids have improved and some of the improvements we have made since they last visited us.

But, I was also hoping to squeeze in a short nap between church and their visit.

Well, I have certainly squeezed in a nap or two.  Or more.  I am sitting here in the hospital with Jackson after he had an emergency appendectomy last night (really early this morning).  I think I am sleeping more than he is and he is taking pain meds.  I am not.  And sleeping in a hospital chair is usually not easy, but I am so tired, it has not been a problem.

I am not happy that Jackson had to have emergency surgery, but I am thankful for a day or two of slowing down.

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