Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bravery, Or Not So Much

I am a woman that lives by myself in a third world country.  I drive in Tegucigalpa (admittedly, not for the faint of heart).  Many people think I am brave.

Except for Kim, a few of the Casa kids and my kids, most of the people have not seen my reaction when a little mouse gets in my house.  Every time I hope that my screaming will scare it to death.  So far, that has not happened.

And, a dead one is not any better than a live one.  Perhaps a dead one is better because I can up to Casa and Josè will come down and get it out for me.

One mouse ate himself to death on one of my favorite sweaters, truly the sweater to die for.

The other day a bold little mouse was running all over my office, while I sat here working.  After my initial screams did not give it a heart attack, I sat here yelling at it to leave my stuff alone.  That did not work either.  I went to get Josè.  We looked and looked and never found it.  I think I might have seen Josè chuckle a time or two.

I can handle many things, but please not another little mouse in my house. 

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