Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Today is Tuesday, my suppose-to-be day off.  Nicole needed to translate in the clinic.  I took the girls.  We really had a lot of fun, which I hope will be another blog in a day or so.  We also combined a lot of fun with a lot of errands. 

I have not done errands with two small children in a long time.  It takes a long time to get Emma in and out of the car seat.  More potty breaks.  Potty breaks with those two could easily be a whole blog or a whole book.  They needed a shower after they ate ice cream.  As fun as all of this was, I was exhausted. 

We stopped at Casa before going to the Mission House.  Someone had stolen money and no one would admit it.  I was tired and frustrated.  Can no one deal with these issues but me, especially on my day off.  I definitely had the makings for a good meltdown.

We got to Ojojona and dinner was already being served.  I still had to ready the store for the night's business.

This week everyone, every where is out of school.  Matt asked Brayan to work with the group and he gladly accepted.  It is good to see him every morning and night.  He saw me down there trying get things ready.  He came down to help. 

I was in the store until devo started.  I went back up there feeling like that meltdown could happen any minute.  After a few songs where I could really praise and worship, Robert said we had a guest speaker tonight.  Brayan was going to share his story.  Meltdown time arrived.  I started crying before he said a single word.  I cried the whole time he spoke.  And, I continued to cry long after he finished. 

Robert asked him to stand in the center of the room and everyone would pray over him.  I jumped up and rushed to where he was.  He hugged me and I hugged him while someone said a prayer for Brayan. 

Thank God for a life that was changed.

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