Monday, February 3, 2014

Homeward Bound

Tonight, I am in Atlanta.  Tomorrow, I will be home.  I am always ready to be home.  I am always sad to leave my family friends here in the States. I wish I never had to say goodbye to Camille. But family and friends will be waiting in Honduras, too.

We were in eight states and traveled over 6000 miles.  I am tired of the car, tired of living out of a suitcase and tired of the 4 new cd's I bought.  But I must say Selah, John Denver and Beethoven made my traveling easier.

After spending one night in Joplin, we spent a very short day and a half in Fairview Heights.  Marc left from St. Louis and I drove back to Borger.  It was so so cold when I left St. Louis.  And, it did not warm up much as I drove south.  It took many cups of coffee and one Dr. Pepper to get me from St. Louis to Borger in one day.  Stopping in Oklahoma City for lunch with a friend helped also. 

There was not enough time this time in Jackson, Columbus, or Fairview Heights.  There was not enough in Borger either.  I spread myself as far as I could.  I enjoyed a couple of hours with Donny and Sharon, enjoyed the stage production of Beauty and the Beast and a dinner at Olive Garden with my sister, and time with my mom, with Marc's parents, with Janet and Rick and sweet Elliette.

My last driving today was yesterday.  All predictions were plunging temperatures and snow in Oklahoma City.  Great that where I was headed.  Via Childress.  I saw that Borger was on the southern edge of the storm.  Some folks were worried about me driving to Oklahoma City.

I through the atlas in the bedroom floor and walked around it 7 times, praying to God for three days of safe travel.  I was very specific about safety in Oklahoma City and prayed in general for the rest of the trip.

What I did not know was that a second storm was going to come in further south.  South as in Childress.  I left Borger at 7:00 a.m.  There was very little snow, almost none, in Borger.  And, the temperature had definitely plunged.  I could see blue skies as far as Conway.  Then as I headed toward Claude, the skies were no longer blue.  There was more snow in Claude and Clarendon, but all was still well.  When I got to Memphis, the snow was heavier and the highway was not quite as good.  I did not walk around the car 7 times, but I did send up some more prayers.  Childress was a mess.  I debated whether to head on to Oklahoma City or go to church.  I opted for church. 

Trey sent me a facebook message that I might want to rethink coming to Childress, but since there is no internet at my mom's, I did not see that message until tonight.  Since I made it safely, that was ok.  It was so good to be in Childress for woship.  I grabbed a bite to eat and got on the road to Oklahoma City.  Lawton had the most snow of anywhere, so US 62 was not a good option. I drove toward Wellington and quickly was out of the snow. 

As I drove up US 83 toward Wellington and Shamrock, my mind was flooded with pleasant childhood memories.  If weather conditions had been better, I might have lived a few more childhood memories.  With so many people praying me to Oklahoma City and following my progress, it was not a good time for detours and side trips.

The road conditions to and through Oklahoma City were great.  My God is awesome, the way He answered those prayers. 

As I drove to Kim and Pat's, I turned one driveway too soon.  I was trying to back out and was getting further each time.  I would have made it.  Eventually.  But I called Pat and he walked over and rescued me. 

Kim and I had some precious girl time last night and this morning, something that always seems to elude us.

Now I am in Atlanta enjoying some precious alone time.  Tomorrow,  I get Haley and Emmy and Nicole hugs.  And, I will hit the ground running.

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