Sunday, February 23, 2014

School Supplies

When my kids were in school, I probably complained about the amount of school supplies I had to buy.  I could afford to buy them and I bought them.  I never had to make the choice of feeding my kids or buying their school supplies.  I was blessed more than I knew.

I bought school supplies for the Casa kids and noticed they were much higher this year.  Everything is higher this year.  Sales tax went up 3%.  Minimum wage went up a quite a bit.  Every time minimum wage goes up, several people lose their jobs and/or businesses raise their prices to cover the minimum wage.  There have been a lot of people needing school supplies this year.  And, I mean a lot.

Honduras Hope made a call to help with school supplies.  We did not receive our goal amount, but we received a good portion of it.  We are very grateful to everyone who helped with this endeavor. 

We chose wisely and we were able to help several people and all of our kids schools.  We did 200 packets for the kids at the feeding center.  Sixty packets for the school in Santa Ana.  Nicole and I took five individual lists and bought everything on it, including the text books.  Matt bought 2 individual lists and Marc bought several.  Timoteo asked if we could buy just a notebook for the kids at Los Pinos.  I asked Timoteo to meet me at the mall.  My thought was it would be easier to load them into his truck than into my car, out of car, and into his.  I bought a notebook and pen and pencil, which is the barest necessities.  Timoteo was like a kid in a candy store.  He was so excited.  The only thing we have left to do is buy some bulk supplies for Teleton where five of our kids take classes.  Nicole asked them for a wish list.  It was quite long.  We will choose some things off of that list. 

It is always fun and exciting to help this many kids.  But it is so sad that this many kids need help.

Thanks again to all who contributed.  You made a difference in the life of a child.


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