Sunday, February 9, 2014

School Supplies

School, in most places, in Honduras started last week.  School supplies for the Casa kids were purchased with money that their sponsors send each month.  But thousands of kids cannot go to school each year because they cannot afford school supplies. 

Nicole raised some money for school supplies.  At Utiles de Honduras, we found a nice package of supplies for a very reasonable price.  We ordered 200 packages.  They told us the packages would be ready the next day.  I am always surprised how nice they are to us in there.  They did not even require a deposit.  Matt and Nicole picked up the supplies on Thursday.  Nicole's car was completely full.

Friday, after lunch at the feeding center, Matt and Nicole distributed the packages to the school aged kids.  The village the feeding center is in, is very poor and none of the kids had school supplies.  The kids and the moms were very excited about this gift.

Emma Kate sat and watched all the excitement.  And ate.

We had hoped to help to other places with school supplies.  If some more money comes in, we will buy some more packages and distribute them in those areas.

Thanks to everyone that donated.  You made a huge difference in the life of these children.

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