Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Beautiful Day Off

Tuesday is my day off.  I don't take if often.  I should.  I know.  But, I don't.  Today, I did.

Sunday afternoon Marc said why didn't we do something on Tuesday.  That was an offer I could not refuse.  We decided to go to Amapala.  Amapala is an island.  With beaches.

We left Santa Ana around 8:00 this morning.  It is about a two hour drive.

Amapala from the mainland.

Marc began to negotiate a price for a water taxi.  It is normally L15 apiece, or about 75 cents.  The guy saw two gringos, not knowing that Marc knows what the price should be, and said L200 apiece or $10.00.  We found someone to take us for L15.  The boat immediately ran out of gas.  They have extra tanks on the boat.  As it was being changed, I laughed and said for L15 you get to float across instead of motoring across.

We have taken the Casa kids to Amapala before.  And, I love that.  But, how relaxing it was to be in the water taxi and not worry about a kid falling out or a kid standing up or all the kids deciding to tump the boat.

A couple of shots of the mainland.
As we approached Amapala, fishing boats were moored.

 We rode a motor taxi to Playa Grande.  Big Beach.  It is not that big, but it was ok.  After getting to the beach, the first thing we see is this
 El Salvador

On a Tuesday morning in February, the beach was mostly deserted.  Perfect.  We sat and had a coke.  Before we finished our cokes, a few fishing boats began arriving.  That was interesting to watch.  The fisherman were cleaning the fish the minute they arrived.

And, the gulls were feasting on the remains, a fast and easy meal.

Bringing in the fishing boats was a most interesting sight to see.
We spent most of the day sitting under the shelter.  I have seen the tide roll in at this beach.  This morning it was slowly coming in.  It was so pleasant to sit and watch and listen to the music of the ocean.
We did walk the beach some.  It was a beautiful walk, indeed.

There were several broken shells along the beach, but I was fortunate to see a few intact ones.

And some "bubbles on the beach" that I knew not to touch.

We then had a lovely lunch of fried fish and tejadas.

This was the parting shot before we left the beach.

We rode the motor taxi across the island.  I loved this little church with the pews outside.  Outside in the hot, dry season (now) and inside in the rainy season.

The motor taxi took us back to the boat dock.

These guys are not playing ball.  They are unloading a load of watermelons out a water taxi.  The same one that took us back to the mainland.

Another view of the mainland, as we left Amapala.

It has been another great day in Honduras.

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