Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Candy

I returned from the States on February 4.  As a Grammy, I just had to get Haley and Emma Kate some Valentine Candy.  The thought came to me rather late in my trip.  I was already afraid my bags were overweight.  I carefully chose two small boxes of candy.  After packing and repacking, I got everything in but some books.

I thought I might not see the girls tomorrow.  I gave them their valentines today.  They both tore the red cellophane off of the boxes.  Haley took the lid off of hers, took one chocolate, gave Nicole one, and gave me one.  I was very touched by her generosity.  There was only 6 pieces in each box.  She saved the other three until 3:00.  Then she took them outside and gave one piece to Maryuri, one piece to Any, and she ate the last piece.

Emmy, on the other hand, grabbed a piece out of her box. And then grabbed another piece.  One each hand.  She stuffed half of one piece in her mouth.  She was holding on to the other piece for dear life, squeezing it to death.. She had chocolate every where.  And, when Nicole said she could have no more, she threw a great big fit.  She wanted the rest of that chocolate.

I hope everyone has a happy and sweet valentine's day tomorrow.

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