Friday, June 15, 2012

Test Results

I did not give up blogging for summer mission season.  But thanks to TIGO, everyone gave up blogging and and facebook and answering email for about two weeks.  Byron was really diligent about talking to TIGO at least once a day until everyone was up and running again.  I am really thankful to have my internet back.

While the internet was down, we have been quite busy with doctor's appointments.  Baby Olman saw the cardiologist.  I loved this doctor.  She was so thorough and so good with Olman.  He does have a little hole in his heart.  We will see the doctor again in 9 months and then go from there.

And Baby Josue had his ctscan.  Again, I liked the neurologist.  Everything on the ctscan appears to be normal.  The doctor said he is behind developmentally, but it is not neurologically related.  The doctor also detected a foot problem which will need therapy and possible surgery.  Josue has his first teleton appointment on Wednesday.  They will, at some point in time, determine what therapy is needed.  Josue sees the neurologist again in November. 

We are very thankful for these results.

And, by the way, Olman is up to a whopping 13 pounds and Josue all the way to 11 pounds.  Way to grow, guy.


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