Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Am Married To A Nut

Tonight we were eating supper with the Tupelo group.  Marc was explaining when  he worked for Nabisco and sold Milk Bone that he tried the Milk Bone.  He said he could not sell anything that he had not tasted.  Well, I knew he had eaten Milk Bone, but even I was surprised as he continued the story.  He then goes on to say that Milk Bone is nothing like dog food.  I sat in stunned silence thinking what is he talking about.  He said that after we moved to Honduras and could no longer get Science Diet dog food for Skillet, that he tried everything he bought for Skillet.  He had to make sure it was ok for Skillet to eat.  Marc says most dry dog food is pretty good, but canned is terrible.  You can well imagine some of the comments that were made.  Things like howling at the moon and hiking his leg on a fire hydrant.

Yes, my husband is definitely a nut.  But making this journey called life is more interesting, and more fun,  with a dog food-eating-husband by my side.


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