Friday, June 1, 2012

The Summer Season Is Here.

Tomorrow summer group season begins.  And lasts for eleven weeks.  We have more groups, more people and they go into mid August this year.  Tons of work is going to get done.  Houses will be built.  People will be fed and clothed and given medical care.  The gospel will be shared.  Many friendships will be formed and strengthened. 

Marc has been busy running around.  Buying mattresses and blankets and sheets.  Paying for wood.  Yessinia has been buying groceries so she can cook for everyone.  I have been getting the store ready.  Everyone has been busy. 

I am so excited as another great summer in Honduras begins.  I am ready to see people I only get to see once a year.  I am so ready to worship in English in every night.   

Please pray for our groups.  Pray for safe travel, for health.  That eyes are opened.  Pray for us that we have the stamina and energy to remain strong for 11 weeks.

Bring on the groups.  I am ready.


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Horton Prather said...

Sounds busy and exciting. I still have some beautiful bilingual children's books for your kids and the children at Amor, Fey y Esperanza. maybe I could send them with someone coming to help.