Saturday, June 23, 2012

Everything Is A Process

Sometimes, it is so exhausting living here.  Everything is a process.  Sometimes a long process.

Some of our kids are going to Teleton weekly, and they need to be going that often.  But it took years of once-a-month classes to get them to that point.  We have some that are just starting Teleton and need weekly classes, but are in monthly classes.  We know it will be a process to get them in those weekly classes.  We bide our time.

Yesterday, I bought a new toaster oven for the big house.  No one likes to accept returns here.  After I paid for the toaster oven, not before, an employee at Sears opened the box, unpacked the toaster oven, turned it on and stuck his hand inside to make sure it was heating.  He wanted me to stick my hand inside.  I was content to stick my hand near the opening to feel the heat.  He then repackaged my toaster oven and sent me on my way. 

I have been having a lot of internet problems.  We were fairly sure our router needed to be replaced and maybe the modem.  I took the modem with me.  I went to buy a new router because the router store happened to be on my way before the modem store.  Not knowing if my modem, had to be replaced or repaired, the router store would not sell me a router until I had working modem.  They could not sell me a router that might not work and need to be returned.  Such a process.

The Tigo store where I went to see about the modem just about sent me over the edge.  We explained we needed to have the modem replaced or repaired and then buy a plan.  After taking a number, waiting in line, being called to one desk, being sent to another desk, being sent to a third desk just as the person was leaving for lunch and waiting for the fourth desk, I was told to buy a plan I had to buy a new modem, pay a deposit, wait three days, all of which involved visiting several more desks,  I could not deal with any more processes.  I left with my modem and went back to the router store.

I then had a big bottle of tea and a chocolate candy bar before driving home.  That was one process I really enjoyed.


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