Friday, June 29, 2012

Paint And Other Improvements

We are seeing a lot of groups visit Casa.  We are thankful for these groups.  Some come to visit and play with the kids.  And some come to work.  We appreciate all groups. 

Recently we have seen some much needed improvements around Casa.

We have a building we call the dorm.  No one lives there but that is what we call it.  It is mostly used for storage.  When it rained water came in the dorm from the floor.  I would go mop water after each rain.  My church sent a shop vac for which I was grateful.  It was still work to get all of the water out of the dorm, but easier work than mopping.  A group from Tupelo and Little Rock came.  They poured some concrete to raise the area where the water was coming in.  They also covered the pila which needed to be done.  But they brought the cover out far enough so that when it rains, the water will drain off the roof far from the area where the water was coming in. 

The ladies the wash clothes on the pila are very thankful not to have to stand in the sun or the rain.  And I am very thankful that the dorm has not flooded a single time since this work was done.  Thank you for this much needed improvement.

Casa de Esperanza has had kids living here for six years.  A fresh paint job is definitely needed.  Yesterday, the Columbus, Mississippi group came and began that job.  They painted the kitchen and eating area, the two hardest areas. 
Brayan and Ana helped the group paint.  Both did a great job.

Fresh paint really brightened things up.  Thank you, Columbus.

There is more painting to be done.  And, the paint is here waiting.  A few more groups may get to help spruce up the Casa.


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