Sunday, June 24, 2012

Let The Chainsaws And The Hammers Give Praise To God

This weekend is one of those crazy weekends.  Yesterday, groups arrived on Delta and American.  Today, four people arrived on the 9:30 a.m. TACA flight and other people arrived on Continental, American and Delta.  Matt went to the airport early.  Marc went for the mid-day flights.  Nicole, Karen and I were in church with the Casa kids.  It is kind of hard to worship with so many people running here and there. 

Also, it is the rainy season.  Right now, mornings are usually rain free, but come afternoon, the heavens may open up and dump several inches of rain on us. 

For these two reasons, we decided to have worship and communion tonight.  After all have safely arrived in Honduras and hopefully all luggage with them.

For the groups that were already here, they built a house.  The family for whom the house is being built is a family of five but currently living with another family.  There is 19 people stuffed into one little house.  I know when Christians work together to help someone else, a lot of worship and praise takes place.  Just not in the same manner as in organized church.  Not only are the people working on the house praising God, the chainsaws and hammers are singing praises to God as they buzz and bang. 

And tonight, our worship will be joyful and the communion sweet.  I thank God that this family is getting a house today and we can still worship together tonight.



Anonymous said...

Very true!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very True!!!!