Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Way, Way Out Of My Comfort Zone

This month we are trying to teach the children about helping and serving others.  Last week we went to the nursing home.  Today we took the older kids to the women's prison.  I have never visited a prison and I was very anxious and apprehensive about this visit.   

This morning as I prayed about my anxiousness, I remembered the first time we went to the dump to feed.  I was so scared.  I prayed all the way there.  God not only took my fears and blessed me, He has greatly blessed that ministry.  I continued to pray.

We went with another group that regularly visits these women.  We went into the area where the women have their children.  They are allowed to have their babies with them until the child reaches four years old.  I would think, from the looks of those women, they were non-violent.  Or at least most of them are. 

When we arrived, I was less anxious, but I did think I was going to be sick.

The very first thing I noticed was the prison looks just like most of the public schools in Honduras, except the playground at the prison is much bigger than at the schools. 

When you think of prisoners, you think of orange jumpsuits, or in some places, black and white striped jumpsuits.  These women were dressed in every day clothes.  Pajamas, shorts, jeans, whatever.  I think because they looked like our kids, maybe they could think "this could be me." 

You also think of hardened hearts.  These moms were very nurturing toward their children. 

Nicole led a Bible study with the women.  That girl could be a preacher.  She is good.  It was loud as the children talked and played.  Nicole prayed and then some of the women in the group we were with prayed.  Wow.  The Holy Spirit moved through that place.  As prayers were said, many of the women were saying their own prayers.

A couple of fights did break out, but it was among the little children.  One little guy was pretty aggressive and was starting fights with everyone he could.

Our kids and employees were loving on all the children.  It was so sweet to see our big boys loving on those babies.

When those women found out we were from a children's home, four of them rushed up to us to ask us to take their babies and raise them. 

Oh, by the way, I forgot about my anxieties.  I was hugging on those moms.  My heart was very sad as they asked to take their babies.  I guess we will see where God leads on this one.

On the way home, we stopped for granitas, which is coffee.  Our girls were really wired when we got home. 

I hope everyone's heart was touched as much as mine was.

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